Why Would You Want a VCR to DVD Converter?

How long have you been married?  Have you preserved your VHS wedding video so you can show your great grand kids how hot great granny was in her day?

Easily Transfer Video from VHS to DVD

There are many important events that only come once in a lifetime:
The Perfect Wedding, Graduations, Sporting Events, Holidays…

Preserve your children’s favorite videos for their kids to enjoy – Don’t wait until it’s to late to find out that the VHS tape no longer plays after sitting around and gather dust the last 8 years.

You will be happy if you take the time to convert your non-replaceable family events or movies from VHS tapes into perfect and reliable DVDs.   All of these tapes are irreplaceable, you cant rewind your life to recapture these precious moments, so it’s best to preserve them in a digital format before it’s too late.

This blog will give you tips and tools on how best to transfer your home VCR tapes to DVD .  We will talk about the different options and equipment available to make this job as easy as possible.

While there are many hardware solutions to help you convert your VCR to DVD and we talk about all of them in posts below but, we have found a software solution that allows you to use your PC, MAC or laptop and software to create DVD movies from your VHS tapes and Hi8 or V8 home videos with Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD visit their site for more information

We invite you to leave your comments and tell us about your experiences.

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