how to bypass copyright on dubbing?

Question by one_hourphoto: how to bypass copyright on dubbing?
dont worry I’m not selling any copies. I got a new sony dvd recorder that recordes anything that has a video input or memory cards onto a dvd. you can plug your vcr into it and have it record whats playing via this tiny monitor. I was wondering how to bypass this “copyrighted signal detected” thing. Any scrambler I could buy? I’m trying to archive all my favorite VHS movies.

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Answer by Norm
Hi One Hour,

You can legally back up your own tapes for personal use.

what you need is a “Sima T120 GoDVD”. It removes the copy guard and enhances the picture. You plug your source into it and plug it into the input of your recorder.

Here is an example of one –

Another one that will work is the Digital Video Stabilizer. They work like a charm. Go here to read about and see an example –


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