old family movie?

Question by Gerard Way is the Boss: old family movie?
ok I have this old movie that my uncle filmed with a camcorder from the early 90s. he filmed this in 1992. he filmed it on a standard I think TDK tape in Im pretty sure it was SLP mode. yeah already the quality of the video is horrible!! crappy camera bad tape and filmed in the worst mode! anyway my aunt transferd the 8mm tdk tape to a regular standard quality VHS tape probably TDK or maxell and of course she recored it in SLP mode. then she gave me the VHS tape, but she says she wanted it back. I dont know why she didnt just give me the little 8mm tape SO at least i could make a decent copy of it my self. like recording it in SP mode and useing a very high quality Sony tape or just record it to dvd. anyway she gave me the tape I really like it alot so i didnt know how to copy hte VHS tape my self, the little 8mm yeah but not the VHS tape, so i took it to a place where they copied it for me. qaulity sucks. so what should i do. transfer it to a blu ray disc for great qaulitythax

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  1. coppermouse777 says:

    Unfortunately the “quality” of transfer even on dvd or blu ray will only be as good as the source your getting it from. if the source is horrible then the format will not make any difference.

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