Marc and the Mambas – Untitled (Live Audio 1983)

Hello there ! How are you all?, to all people, we know there was an Marc and the Mambas concert and a Gloomy Sunday video directed by Peter Martin Christopherson, aka “Sleazy” founding member of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, and Coil. Also former director of music videos, TV commercials, documentaries, and many other stuff The unreleased Marc and the Mambas LIVE video at one of the “Three Black Nights of Little Black Bites” concert was planned to be released on VHS back in 1984, but has never seen the light of surfacing, only Marc Almond have input over his release, we been spoking with Sleazy about the tapes, and he said that since he moved to Thailand the archives of his old tapes are in a storage, which likely he said he has the original tapes of the Mambas concert, and the Gloomy Sunday video., and doesn’t know if there is machinery around anymore that the tapes can be converted to a current playable format. His memory of the show was when he was filming from stage left which he later discovered it was Marc Almond’s least favourite angle of himself, so he thought Marc wasn’t keen on the video being used at the time. If Marc Almond writes to him himself directly (or his manager Mark Langthorne), and if the tapes have non disintegrated, it might be possible to recover them. We support Marc Almond’s solo career and future projects, and we know Marc Almond would rather think about future ideas than waste his time on the past. The concert (from one of the “Three Black

Question by Me: Where can I find Galaxy Express 999 in the US?
or is it impossible to find? I found a copy on Ebay but it’s an import that won’t play on a US DVD player. I’ve seen the movie (I won’t say where but it’s out there in internet land) and it was so good I actually wanted to buy it. The trouble is the best I could come up with was an old VHS copy from 1986. It was subbed thankfully but they wanted $ 120 for a 23 year old VHS tape. That’s WAY too much for something that may not even play at this point. Is anyone planning to re-release Galaxy Express 999 in the US?

Best answer:

Answer by Farmer Express 999 in the US

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2 Responses to “Marc and the Mambas – Untitled (Live Audio 1983)”

  1. jessuss91 says:

    @footstomper23 that’s a cool idea send me your email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. footstomper23 says:

    I would still rate this as one of the five best concerts I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen many!). I would dearly love to see this released on DVD as well as the ‘Gloomy Sunday’ film. I would also love to be involved, I have many great photos from this concert that I’d love to see on the DVD cover and I could also put you in touch with plenty of folk who could handle any obsolete video machinery/recordings.

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