Marc and the Mambas – Black Heart (Live audio 1983)

Hello there ! How are you all?, to all people, we know there was an Marc and the Mambas concert and a Gloomy Sunday video directed by Peter Martin Christopherson, aka “Sleazy” founding member of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, and Coil. Also former director of music videos, TV commercials, documentaries, and many other stuff The unreleased Marc and the Mambas LIVE video at one of the “Three Black Nights of Little Black Bites” concert was planned to be released on VHS back in 1984, but has never seen the light of surfacing, only Marc Almond have input over his release, we been spoking with Sleazy about the tapes, and he said that since he moved to Thailand the archives of his old tapes are in a storage, which likely he said he has the original tapes of the Mambas concert, and the Gloomy Sunday video., and doesn’t know if there is machinery around anymore that the tapes can be converted to a current playable format. His memory of the show was when he was filming from stage left which he later discovered it was Marc Almond’s least favourite angle of himself, so he thought Marc wasn’t keen on the video being used at the time. If Marc Almond writes to him himself directly (or his manager Mark Langthorne), and if the tapes have non disintegrated, it might be possible to recover them. We support Marc Almond’s solo career and future projects, and we know Marc Almond would rather think about future ideas than waste his time on the past. The concert (from one of the “Three Black
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Question by Rebecca B: Why wont a recorded disc from a video play on my computer?
I recorded some home movies from VHS tapes to a DVD disc. Knowing that Video tape degrades over time, I decided to get a DVD recorder for home. Once recorded I can get them to play on my TV, but not on my computer or portable DVD players. Whats wrong? Also, I tried to make a copy from the recording. and that didn’t work either. I have tried different brands of recordable discs, thinking maybe ones a better quality than the other, but still no luck. Can anyone help me with some answers? Some things I am trying to record are even of family and friends who have passed away, so its important I not lose these movies. Once done.. I would also like to give some of the more important events to other family members. That would be easier if I could just make copies for everyone. Thanks.
I beleive I did follow the instructions to finalize the disc, but I could try that again, incase that is the problem. It did say on the screen at the end. that finilization was complet.

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Answer by Dopey Dinosaur
What you may have failed to do here is “finalize” the DVD recording.

In its unfinialized state, the disc will naturally play on the recorder it was produced on because it knows the format it used exactly. Also by not being finalized, additional recordings may still be made (by that recorder only) onto the disc. If it shows you a time remaining value left for recording on that disc, then you can be sure it hasn’t been finalized.

Finalizing can take several minutes (longer if there’s less on the disc – weird) and makes the recordings permanent. They should now be playable on your computer and other DVD players.

Hint: Some recorders allow you to rename individual titles and select thumbnails for the titles shown in the menu. If you want to do this, it must be done before finalizing the disc.

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