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In late April and early May, 1996, I was living aboard my old Sportsfishing boat, The Rubiayat, at a private marina on Coco Plum in Marathon, Florida. One morning I was awakened by the cries of a baby Osprey and went up on deck. I discovered the little creature sitting on the 3rd floor balcony railing of a condo directly across from the bow of my boat. While I observed the fat baby, who was screeching his lungs out, begging for food from his parents who were flying high above him, Omar arrived on the scene. Omar was a White Egret that appeared at the foot of my dock one day about a week earlier. He was dirty and disheveled and looked like he might die at any moment. While he stood there, staring at a fish I was cleaning, I noticed a hole on the right side of his neck. The hole was black around the edges and it looked like he might still have something lodged in his long throat. I thought perhaps he had tried to swallow a small fish while it was still attached to a fisherman’s line – and that the fisherman had pulled the fish back out of his throat. While I could not determine whether the bird was trembling because he was on the verge of death, or because the wind was blowing so hard, it was obvious that he was hungry. Although I did not believe that he was capable of eating, I cut off a small strip of filleted Mangrove Snapper and tossed onto the dock, just in front of him. Much to my surprise, he quickly speared the fillet; tossed it into the air just high enough so that
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How areyou all?, to all people, we know there was an Marc and the Mambas concert and a Gloomy Sunday video directed by Peter Martin Christopherson, aka “Sleazy” founding member of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, and Coil. Also former director of music videos, TV commercials, documentaries, and many other stuff The unreleased Marc and the Mambas LIVE video at one of the “Three Black Nights of Little Black Bites” concert was planned to be released on VHS back in 1984, but has never seen the light of surfacing, only Marc Almond have input over his release, we been spoking with Sleazy about the tapes, and he said that since he moved to Thailand the archives of his old tapes are in a storage, which likely he said he has the original tapes of the Mambas concert, and the Gloomy Sunday video., and doesn’t know if there is machinery around anymore that the tapes can be converted to a current playable format. His memory of the show was when he was filming from stage left which he later discovered it was Marc Almond’s least favourite angle of himself, so he thought Marc wasn’t keen on the video being used at the time. If Marc Almond writes to him himself directly (or his manager Mark Langthorne), and if the tapes have non disintegrated, it might be possible to recover them. We support Marc Almond’s solo career and future projects, and we know Marc Almond would rather think about future ideas than waste his time on the past. The concert (from one of the “Three Black Nights of Little
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Question by bugbeacon2: wonder years DVD – anyone bought one?
I know you can’t buy official Wonder Years DVDs (or VHS for that matter, except for a few “Best of” tapes) because the reproduction rights are tied up due to music royalty issues. However, I’ve noticed that “bootleg” copies are offered for sale on a few websites out there. I assume these are not much better than if I had taped the episodes myself off my TV, but has anyone bought a set from any of these internet sellers and have comments, recommendations?

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10 Responses to “OMAR, THE EGRET_0001.wmv”

  1. ash23neuro says:

    Beautiful times.

  2. myexplosun333 says:

    thank you

  3. jue1971 says:

    i got ‘as yet untiteld’ one of my all time faves :) xXx

  4. AntiMusick says:

    is this also on the Doublevision TV Wipeout video?

  5. drrtylittlerockstar says:

    this is FABULOUS.

  6. Timmybear says:

    The child is doing her little reference to THE KIDS, from the same album (BERLIN) by Lou Reed that ‘Caroline Says’ is on, by screaming and crying. :)

  7. BeyondBelief08 says:

    Sooo great. I remember the Raoul and the Ruined – Bite Black and Blues on Vinyl. Please put it on DVD, that would be great.


    @jessuss91: it would be so great if you put all this stuff into a DVD.

  9. SuperstarNeilC says:

    I owned this LP ‘Untitled’ on vinyl back in 83 – Beautiful song

  10. primalscream544 says:

    outstanding …. never seen this

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