Need recommendations on a good dvd vcr recorder?

Question by akakizzy: Need recommendations on a good dvd vcr recorder?
I’m wanting one that I can play my home video VHS tapes in the VCR side and the DVD will write them to a disc for me. Any recommendations on which model to buy? Thanks!
PS I won’t be copying anything copyright protected so I won’t need anything too fancy, just for some VHS tapes that we have made of the kids. = )

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Answer by Anna
PANASONIC – it is the only model that will allow you to erase and rewrite a disk. I have one- bought it few years ago and I LOVE IT. It does not play HD DVD’s, though. and the reason I bought mine is the exact reason you want one. I paid close to $ 300 but that was 3 years ago, hopefully they have come Down since then!
The tech who came to install our stereo and what not suggested I take the tapes to Wolf camera, etc. to have them transferred, I priced that once and it was about $ 25 – I did the math with the 10 years or so of videos I had and that was just NUTS to me – for $ 300 I would also have a VCR/DVD player after I finished the transfer – so I did not have to replace my “dinosaur” VHS video camera as soon- AND I was able to “loose” 2 components and replace them with just one.

I hope this helps!!

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One Response to “Need recommendations on a good dvd vcr recorder?”

  1. d3v10u5b0y says:

    Any panasonic model that starts with DMR and ends in V will have a DVD recorder and VHS combo system. The newest model is the DMREZ48V (2008) and last years are the DMREZ47v, 475v (club model), and 37v (lower end model) – all of these listed have digital tuners and will allow you to pick up digital channels from basic cable and antenna, also.

    -Panasonic has the highest quality LP (4 hr) record mode of any manufacturer due to doubling the horizontal resolution.
    -Since the release of the DMRES30v and 40v in 2005, every unit has a built in TBC (time-base corrector to eliminate streaking effects on older VHS tapes) and DNR (digital noise reduction to eliminate digital and MPEG noise caused by analog to digital conversion). This means that a dubbed DVD can actually output a better picture than the source.

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