TuneTransfers Demo Reel-Pope High School

CopyVHStoDVD.net Local basketball banquet video demo demonstrates many of our audio visual production capabilities. TuneTransfers.com is a Digital Media Conversion and Production Company providing VHS To DVD Services. We convert music and video media to CDs and DVDs from vinyl records, cassette tapes, 8 mm film, VHS, 35 mm slides, and other formats. Tune Transfers cleans old audio and video formats and preserves them like new. We provide free labels and color images for discs. We serve the entire USA from Metro Atlanta. TuneTransfers.com LLC http 630 Middlegate Court Marietta, GA 30066 (404) 825-1118
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Question by dmaster: how can i transfer vhs data directly into my computer, without having to record it on a dvd?
i have a very old vhs tape that i want to record into my vhs, but i only want to transfer it in my computer, not record it on dvd and then rip it on my pc , is there a cable connection for it or something?/

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Answer by wabcbrian
go to walmart and buy a thing called dvd express..it’s a little box with rca jacks and a usb jack. it takes your analog signal and transfers it to your comptuer digitally. it comes with software and really works..cost 70.00

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    thanks for making this video

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