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Question by afroloves1: Will I need a digital converter to use my dvd or vcr on my old television?
I don’t watch much televison and get most of my news from the radio or internet, but I do watch dvds. I am wondering if my dvd player will still work with my analog television or if this technology change has anything to do with dvd and dvd players.

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Answer by CMass Stan
Your DVD player will still work. So will playback for your VCR. What might be a problem is if you record shows on your VCR for later playback.

The tuner in your VCR will be useless if you use it to tune for stations to record after the changeover date. In that case, you’ll need to purchase a digital converter box to feed programming into either the Line 1 or channel 3/4 on your VCR for recording programming off the converter box.

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18 Responses to “Cucusoft DVD to iPod Converter”

  1. MattfromAZ says:

    i have the full version for free. check out my video

  2. HumphreysUK says:

    thank you, this helped so much

  3. Indy456789 says:

    viruses come with this

  4. RockProd says:

    there is a free version but the output video has the watermark “trial version” on it in the middle

  5. joelparker13 says:

    no its not

  6. titoz9 says:


  7. gibsonguy86 says:

    when you use cucusoft and it opens up to the part with scene select, deleted scenes, play movie, etc. what do you do to play the movie?

  8. Dennisqwr says:

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  9. slipknotgogeta says:

    how come it plays so fast on ipod instesad of normal and only 5 mins

  10. TheSoulosophy says:

    do u got any good ones for converting mp4 to mp2??

  11. Earvintoy says:

    dude cn i ask for a registration name and registration code??? please…

  12. wardwideinc says:

    Yes, you just have to save the video in whatever format Zune accepts. It’s very flexible.

  13. N11Ckk123472 says:

    does it work for zune?

  14. CA060393 says:

    Hey, Do you think you could hook me up with a serial number?

    Thanks Any way,

  15. tjbiker031 says:

    yes, they got separate converters for the ipod, zune, PSP, etc…

  16. aileronrider07 says:

    Can it convert for anything other than ipods? Like PSPs, Iphones, and Cellphones?

  17. kingjames02392 says:

    i downloaded the free trial.. i can put an entire movie on it with the free trial?

  18. BloodShot50 says:

    thats a pretty good program thanks

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